Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Creationists and the Big Bang!

It makes total sense that the fact that I descend from a chimpanzee is hard to swallow for religious people. That's why most of the Atheist conflict concentrate around the overwhelming evidences for Evolution by Natural Selection.

So, Richard Dawkins ends up as the scientist at the forefront of the crusade against Faith.

Still, I personally feel that our modern understanding of cosmology does not leave room for a Judeo-Christian God.

Our Universe (Spacetime itself) started as a very small coherent mix of high energy. There is no room in this original soup for any "complex" entity of any kind.
The beginning of our Universe is so smooth and uniform, no "Intelligent Designer" of any kind can be part of it.
So, the argument goes that God is outside our Universe, outside Matter. This were, frankly, my feelings for quite some time. But listening to Richard Dawkins and Dan Dennett, the problem is the global belief that "God answers prayers".
If God is outside our Universe he cannot be part of it! Either you are part of our spacetime or you are not. This is forever, you cannot change your decision!

Makes me feel good :)