Sunday, September 21, 2008

“Knots of Space” research is alive and kicking!

Lee Smolin himself was kind enough to give me links to the new research papers around Braid-matter!
In my previous post, I was worried that this idea was not researched any more (no papers since 2006). It is totally false!
A nice physic forum thread from marcus links to the new paper which is just amazing:
"C, P, and T of Braid Excitations in Quantum Gravity"
from: Song He, Yidun Wan

I was also really happy to see that supersymmetry generated despair in some physicist:
“I really hope susy is not discovered at the LHC. It's rammed down our throats with practically every arxiv paper. If they find a superpartner, I may quit physics.”

And the current bets for LHC discoveries, are not pointing to “main stream” thinking :)

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