Saturday, September 13, 2014

Explaining the conflict in Gaza using Memetics!

As a French, Israeli, Californian, and now that the conflict quiet down, here is how I explain the conflict using Memetics.
This shows my position on the suffering of the Palestinians.

The 2 reinforcing memes infecting the people of Gaza, and especially the Hamas, are:

  • All my problems are due to Israel.
  • Israel can be destroyed.

While there may be a small base for truth on the first one, the second meme is complete non sense.

For the first one, it's actually mostly false. Before Israel, Palestinians had a very bad quality of life. They were never free, they never were a nation, they always were very poor.
Today, they are a lot richer than their Arab neighbors (and they used to be a lot richer until the intifada of 2000). And, they have something that no neighboring country has: Democracy!
Now it's a democracy controlled by Jews, and that is unacceptable for them.

Since 2000, they are really going down. Palestinian quality of life is degenerating fast. You may say it's because of Israel, and it's true.
But, it's not because Israel is actively trying to make their life miserable, it's because Israel is de-engaging itself from Palestinian affairs. They de-engaged from the West bank, and completely left Gaza.
Left by themselves, the Palestinians are going back to look like the other Arab states around Israel: Poor, no democracy, and a religion crushing any hope of development.

With less Israeli involvement, Palestinian quality of life is going down.

Still, the mind virus infecting the Hamas is: All my suffering is due to Israel!
it has nothing to do with the incapability of Arab Muslim to organize themselves into a viable society.

Now, the main point of this blog, is the second meme.
Spend some time picturing what it means: You'll need to destroy a democracy of 7 millions people and throwing somewhere (where exactly) 6 millions of them.
Now, if you keep thinking it is an option, you are a disgrace to humanity!

For peace to rise, this meme should be squashed, completely.

If you are a friend of the Palestinians, you have to tell them, again and again: Israel is never going to disappear. Stop your nonsense, and try to find another way to peace.

And here, I have in mind some of my French friends: Each time you are insulting Israel, and supporting Hamas in their current behavior, you are supporting this crazy meme.

You think you are telling the Hamas: You are right, your suffering should stop!
But what the Palestinian understand is: You are right, Israel should be destroyed!

This non sense is what generate the war! This non sense is what generate Palestinian suffering!
European and the international community need to stop fueling this meme.
Now, to destroy a meme you need to treat it as a disease. The Palestinian culture is infected by it! Never blame the victim for their disease!
Don't blame the people for their mistaken belief, but permanently, constantly and strongly attack the belief.
Everyone needs to repeat with force: Israel will not be destroyed! Jews will not leave this land!
To keep believing it, is the road to suffering for the Palestinians. They are bumping their heads against a brick wall!

That's why removing the motto from the Hamas foundation document is critical. An organization that is funded on a hateful impossible goal, will keep bringing suffering to the people of Gaza.
Ideas (memes) is what is generating this conflict. They should be the ideas we combat and fight!
If you want to help the Palestinians, stop supporting Hamas crazy ideas. You should support them, but stay strong in front of their ridiculous beliefs!

Now, on that last point, Israel (and especially Bibi in time of quiet) is really doing a bad job. By his action, Bibi is actually reinforcing Hamas belief. He keeps telling everyone that Israel is in mortal danger, he keeps acting like he is scared of the people in Gaza.

Israel needs to project the confidence that he rightly has: Israel will always be there, and the Hamas is not a threat but an annoyance.
This is how the Palestinian in the West Bank were treated, and they do not believe anymore in the destruction of Israel.
They still believe they are suffering because of Israel, and still believe that violence can help, but they accepted the existence of the Jewish state.

Hopefully, there will be another movement in Israel that will start acting correctly, and spend energy destroying the base for the crazy ideas of Hamas. Hopefully they'll remember that blaming the victim of an infectious disease is not the way to go. Hamas is a sick ideology, and it should be fought without blaming the people.
So, if my friends in Europe start helping in this effort, may be one day there will be peace!

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